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- It is time for an electric bike! -

The electric cycle is here to stay and will change our lives, our infrastructure and the environment around us. We at Buzzin Bikes believe it is for the better!

We want to be part of making our world more sustainable - one bicycle at a time!

We specialize in bikes that has the capacity to replace a car whether you are commuting, have children or just need a "normal" bike. We took the step in our family last year, to live car free (and care free!) and have never looked back! Instead we now have a Nihola cargo bike, Family medium, and a Gocycle GX. The Nihola is great for the nursery trips and shopping and the Gocycle GX is excellent for when we go by trains. All Buzzin Bikes bikes are of high quality and are produced in  Europe.

We have decided to have a carefully selected range to make your choice easier.

- The best electric bike in the world! -

At least that is what Gocycle aim to develop. They are the pioneers of the electric bike revolution of today. In 2009 they released the first generation Gocycle: the G1 and the same year they won the "Best Electrical Bicycle" at Eurobike. 10 years later, in June 2019 Gocycle released their new GX model, the 5th generation of this amazing folding electric bicycle. Now a super-fast folder! A success straight away! Ergonomic, elegant, lightweight, smart, cool and fun.


- The most popular electric bike in the world! -

Batavus is a Dutch brand that makes most electric bikes in the world. The Netherlands are known as a bike nation and Batavus ar especially good at making quality bikes in the classic style bikes with upright riding posture. They are incredibly comfortable and you get a lot of electric bike for the money!

- The Volkswagen of the electric bikes -

Winora is a German quality brand that has made electric bikes for more than 25 years. Their Winora Sinus Tria N8 is a real work horse with a strong mid motor and a big batteri, both from Bosch. It gives you 200 km in the eco mode and 50 km in the turbo mode!

- Lättast och självladdande -

Vello comes from Austria. They have the first self charging electric bike on the market and it is also among the lightest, 13,7kg for their Vello Bike+ Titan. Vello folds in a fast and simple way and this makes it perfect for combining with public transport or to bring in your mobile home or boat.

Fastest, easiest to steer and most comfortable!

To really make it possible to change the car towards the bike, we think it is necessary to be able to transport children and shopping easily. Therefore, we have now also introduced the Danish Nihola cargo bikes which we are proud to be resellers for. We have taken the step ourselves to get rid of the car by replacing it with a Nihola Family medium! And we so enjoy our new life!

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We are authorized resellers of Gocycle, Ahooga and Nihola. We are also the authorized distributor of Ahooga in Sweden.

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We do everything we can to ensure you are fully satisfied with your new electric bike. 3 year warranty on all components. 5 year warranty on Ahooga frame. Free delivery. 30 days right to return the product.


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Peter, who started Buzzin Bikes, has always loved bikes and has never had a driving license but has been cycling for over 35 years. He has also been competing in both BMX racing and freestyle!

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