Who are we?


My name is Peter and I run Buzzin Bikes. I come from England, the home of Gocycle. Nowadays I live in Sweden with Tivedens deep forests as closest neighbour! I work side by side with my Swedish wife Marlin. I have loved bicycles since I was a child and in the 80's I used to compete in BMX racing and freestyling. 

My first ride on an electrical bicycle was in 2010. It was a homemade electric mountainbike, made by my brother, with a top speed of 45km/h. Very cool and a whole new experience! It was later on presented on a Gadget Show in England 2014. Since then I have been searching for possibilities to be able to start selling electrical bicycles.

I have a big heart for our environment and I realized early that electric bicycles will open up more possibilities to replace car travelling. The foldable electric bikes that Buzzin Bikes sells, opens up more possibilities: They can easily be lifted when needed and also be brought on busses and trains. We can reach further, simply put! The electric cargo bikes we sell gives other possibilities; the possibility to be able to transport children, dog and/or the weekly shopping in a wonderfully easy and fun way!

During 2017 I came in contact with Gocycle and was impressed with their work and suddenly my dream became reality. Buzzin Bikes was born during spring 2018. Since then many bikes have joined us and we are now authorized reseller for Batavus, Winora, Gocycle, Vello and Nihola. In April 2020 we started our second business, Sustainable Stella Ltd., which now do our electric bike rentals and also offer climate friendly electric bike holiday packages. These include eco friendly places to stay and organic/locally produced delicious food. We want to be part of caring for our lovely planet in many ways. We hope you would like to join us!

Gocycle is available in many different models and colours! See Products for more info.



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